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New Books
Fear the bunny
The whole wide world and me
The Unbelievable Oliver and the four jokers
What kind of car does a T. Rex drive?
Raise your hand
The babysitter from another planet
The bluest of blues : Anna Atkins and the first book of photographs
Sure of you
The hammer and the cross
Shades of gray
All the greys on Greene Street
Reunited by a secret child
Hello, Mister Cold
The band
Under the water
Emily Brown and Father Christmas
All is merry and bright
The adventures of Egg Box Dragon
Yesterday and years ago : a history of Forestburg and District.
Lone wolf cowboy
How do airplanes stay up?
Forky in Craft Buddy Day
Is there still sex in the city?
The Berenstain Bears. The trouble with tryouts : an early reader chapter book
The Berenstain Bears
The once and future geek
The rise of Kyoshi
Evvie Drake starts over : a novel
The rage of dragons
Libraries & gardens : growing together
Happy parents happy kids
Iberia : Spanish travels and reflections