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New Books
Little Critter goes to school
Murder in the first edition
Interlibrary loan
Magnetized : conversations with a serial killer
The year of the witching : a novel
Libby loves science
Runaway signs
Ask Emma
The last of the Bonegilla girls
Mother land : a novel
Just make believe
The way of love
Snakes and ladders
Summer feet
The ocean in your bathtub
The great Cornish getaway
Nothing can hurt you : a novel
Our fragile democracy : in defence of parliament
Her last flight : a novel
The other people : a novel
A burning
Catherine House : a novel
We ride upon sticks : a novel
Mystery Science Theater 3000 : the comic
Paying the land
He started it : a novel
The lending library : a novel
Martin McLean, middle school queen
The annotated American Gods
This is my daddy!
The last flight : a novel
Near dark : a thriller