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New Books
The four winds : a novel
Mickey Mouse mixed-up adventures. Minnie : one unicorny day
The Berenstain Bears
Batgirl and the Queen of Green
Batman and the morphing movie star
Superman and the big bounty
Supergirl and the man of metal
The greedy gremlin
I want to be a teacher
The Berenstain Bears
Get a grip, Vivy Cohen
Danger at the Iron Dragon
Who will bell the cat?
Hiking day
The beak book
Discovering numbers : English, French, Cree
Discovering people : English, French, Cree
New Mutants. Vol. 1
The world between blinks
A box of bones
Jane in love : a novel
The ghost tree
The churchgoer : a novel
The mystery of Mrs. Christie : a novel
Death on the Nile
Mirka Andolfo
A court of silver flames
Bunny will not jump!
Crossing the current