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New Books
Good inside : a guide to becoming the parent you want to be
The theory of crows : a novel
The winners : a novel
Falling stars
The hotel on the Riviera
The terrific time twist
Spells for forgetting : a novel
Horse show switch
Skateboarding pals
Maybe now : a novel
A truth to lie for
The dragon prince. Bloodmoon huntress
Tales to keep you up at night
The stone child
Too Much Glue
The secret diary of Mona Hasan
A venom dark and sweet
Amazingly Angus
A new friend
BMX blast
Softball setback
Lacrosse field blunders
Wayward creatures
Bridges : engineering masterpieces
Cranky Chicken. Party animals
The return of the mummy
The inflatables in bad air day
Remixed : a blended family
A spoonful of frogs
I am Dolly Parton
Hiss, roar, snap
The cow said boo!
Pig out!
Mindful Mr. Sloth
Better than the movies
Kaguya-sama : love is war. 9