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New Books
Bigger words for little geniuses
3D printing
Every night at midnight
Come over to my house
Life skills
Everything awesome about super sharks
Everything awesome about dangerous dinosaurs
How to rock a snow day
Your lonely nights are over
The jazz club spy : a novel
Extra normal
All the small wonderful things
Out of darkness
The last field party
A place to call home
Who would win? Wild warriors
More than words : so many ways to say what we mean
Something, someday
The year my life went down the toilet
The narrow
The wild robot protects
The twelfth Garfield fat cat 3-pack
The ninth Garfield fat cat 3-pack
Three cheers for good times!
Bear learns to share
Bright star
Giraffe is grumpy
North Pole, South Pole
A killer
Lore Olympus. Volume five
No brainer
Tales from a not-so-posh Paris adventure
Hockey stories : books 1 to 6