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New Books
Pete the Kitty
The mostly true story of Tanner & Louise
Concrete evidence
Old God
Paris : the memoir
I will find you
Beyond that, the sea
Manfried the man : a graphic novel
Manfried saves the day : a graphic novel
The book of rain
When in Rome : a novel
Dangerous rhythms : jazz and the underworld
All that is hidden
Real romance : sex in the Song of Songs
Once we were home : a novel
War diary
The last beekeeper : a novel
Last winter : a novel
Immortality : a love story
The farewell tour : a novel
Forget what you know
The golden spoon : a novel
Murder at Haven
Weyward : a novel
Clifford : the big red dog board book
None of this is serious
The librarian of burned books : a novel
Storm watch
Secrets at the summit
Mission: K-9 rescue
Twenty questions
Sleepy Sheepy