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New Books
Sorcery of thorns
Alice & Gerald : a homicidal love story
Influence others & lead change : a practical guide to persuasion
In the full light of the sun
The golden hour : a novel
The long flight home
All that
The daughters of Temperance Hobbs : a novel
Under Currents
The strawberry thief
When I arrived at the castle
Black Panther vs. Deadpool
Hoo hoo who?
Most marshmallows
Young Castro : the making of a revolutionary
A question of Holmes
Everyone can learn math
Little pills
Swan dive
Cold white sun
Gender queer : a memoir
American gods. Volume 2, My Ainsel
Death threat
When you
Surfside sisters : a novel
FKA USA : a novel
Dead at first sight
The mountain master of Sha Tin
Lock every door : a novel
The new me
Wanderers : a novel
The altruists : a novel